If you have a arcomet dozer blade hydraulic cylinder, and you need it repairing fast, then we can help you. We are arcomet dozer blade hydraulic cylinder repair specialists.

We carry every single diameter of chrome rod on stock, no matter if it is boom cylinder, bucket cylinder, main lift cylinder, stabiliser cylinder ” we have all the chrome rod in stock ” which means that your arcomet dozer blade hydraulic cylinder will be repaired faster than anywhere else.

You know more than us, that arcomet dozer blade excavators cost a fortune when they are not working. It is bad enough having to pay for a arcomet dozer blade hydraulic ram repair, but you don’t need a load of extra down time as well.

That is why it is a really important decision when choosing a company to repair your arcomet dozer blade hydraulic ram.

We have been repairing arcomet dozer blade rams since 1990. We do not do anything else. We don’t do pumps or motors and all the other stuff that most hydraulic company’s do, we just repair hydraulic cylinders, and in particular, we are arcomet dozer blade specialists.

We will give you a full 12 months guarantee and we will test your arcomet dozer blade ram twice, so you will never again be plagued with poor quality repairs, putting the ram on and off like a fiddlers elbow.

No matter where you are in the UK, it will be quicker to get your arcomet dozer blade ram to us than send it to your local hydraulic company. By the time they have stripped it down, pissed about, ordered the chrome rod ” because they haven’t got it in stock ” you could have sent your arcomet dozer blade to us and had it back with a Full 12 Month Guarantee.

And whatever you do, don’t be tempted to give it to a hydraulic hose company, they really do take the piss. We do at least 20 rams a week for hydraulic hose companies. Let’s say they brought a arcomet dozer blade hydraulic cylinder to us. Say we repair it in 24 hours and charge them £200. They then take it back to their customer and charge them £400-£500, seriously, it is theft.

Put your arcomet dozer blade cylinder on a courier and we will have it in the morning, you may get it back the following day, seriously we are that good. So pick the phone up now, no matter what time of the day or night it is, we are here to help you with your arcomet dozer blade.