Looking for hydraulic ram components?

Looking for hydraulic ram components?
By The Time You Get Them – We Could Have Repaired Your Ram
And It Would Be Back On Your Machine – Making You Money
We Can Help Repair Your Hydraulic Ram Today

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hydraulic ram components
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Do you want a FAST HYDRAULIC ram REPAIR or Do You Want To Take Serious Risks with hydraulic ram components?

Redgold Hydraulics have all the chrome rod diameters IN STOCK. Plus over 10,000 hydraulic ram seals IN STOCK.
So Redgold Hydraulics can repair your hydraulic ram VERY QUICKLY.
That is real hydraulic ram components.

Redgold Hydraulics are specialist hydraulic ram engineers, so your hydraulic ram will be repaired correctly – first time.

Redgold Hydraulics test every hydraulic ram twice – so that you only have to fit it once.

Every hydraulic ram repair carries our Full 1 Year Guarantee.

Redgold Hydraulics have been offering this Guarantee since 1993.

Whatever type of hydraulic ram that you have, we can repair it. Double acting hydraulic rams make up the majority of our repairs, but we also repair single acting hydraulic rams, telescopic hydraulic rams, multi-stage hydraulic rams, tipper rams and many others.

Whatever type of hydraulic ram repair you need, Redgold Hydraulics can do it for you and we will do it quickly.

As soon as we have your hydraulic ram, we will strip it down, assess the repair and immediately call you back with a price quote. If you are happy with the price, (and you will be), we will get on with the job straight away.

Where Are You?
Wherever you are in the UK, we are your quickest hydraulic ram repair option. If you give your hydraulic ram to your ‘local’ hydraulic company, the chances are that they will not have the chrome rod or seals in stock, so they will keep you waiting.

The longer you wait – the more downtime, the more money you are losing.

A fast high quality repair means less downtime for you.
Less downtime means that you are saving money.
A high quality hydraulic ram repair means you only fit it once. Pick up the phone now and find out how Redgold Hydraulics can help you
Once you have given your hydraulic ram to us, you can forget about it, until we get back to you. You will never have to chase us for an update. We will treat you as we would wish to be treated.

There are few things more annoying than having to constantly chase a job from a supplier. If you get us to repair your hydraulic ram, then you forget about it and you can get on with the thousand other things that you have to do.

So, How Do You Get Your RAM To Us?

If you are in the North West, we can collect from you, usually within an hour or so.
If you are farther afield, no problem. Many of our customers send their ram to us by carrier. All the major carriers deliver and collect hydraulic rams from us every day.
If you call a carrier now, they will deliver it to us tomorrow morning.
We will strip down your hydraulic ram and give you a price tomorrow.
If it is a straightforward job, you could be getting your hydraulic ram back the following day.
In some cases, customers will deliver the hydraulic ram directly to us. You are always welcome and there is always a fresh coffee waiting for you at anytime.
That is it.
If you would like to know more, or arrange for us to repair your hydraulic ram immediately – then call us now.

Call Redgold Hydraulics Now For Your Fast High Quality Hydraulic Ram components.
01257 425917
We will be happy to talk to you – we are here to help you and get your plant back working as soon as possible.

Take the simple solution to repairing your hydraulic rams.

Your ram is repaired to such a standard that the same repair should never need to be done again. Final.

It is easy to cut corners on a hydraulic ram repair. But we do not do it.
We have tried it many years ago – and it is simply a false economy, (and sometimes dangerous).
It is better to spend an extra £20 – £30 on a ram and get it right, than run the risk of the ram failing in 3 months time.

Having said that, because we repair so many hydraulic rams, about 5000 a year, we buy all our sealkits and seals, rams and chrome rods at large discounts.
We pass on some of this discount to our customers. We also have systems in place to repair rams very efficiently.
We constantly strive to reduce waste of materials, time and money. These cost savings are passed on to you, our customer.

“The UK’s Best Hydraulic Ram Repair Service”

Are you in the Heavy Plant industry?
Are you in the Waste industry?
Are you in the Fork Lift industry?
Are you in the Crane industry?
Do you have a Production line?
Do you Quarry or Mining equipment?
Are you in Haulage or Transport?
Whatever industry you are in, whatever type of hydraulic ram you need repairing, we can do it for you – and we can do it fast.

Call Redgold Hydraulics Now For Your Fast High Quality hydraulic ram components
01257 425917

Be honest, wouldn’t you like to save money, reduce downtime, have 100% peace of mind and simply get on with the rest of your job?
Then give us a call now.
Ask to speak to Jason Sproston, Martin Lavin or Martin Johnson in the workshop.
These men are trained hydraulic ram engineers and they run the workshop.
They will talk straight with you and discuss your problem.
If they can help you – they will.
No obligation – we are genuinely here to help you. Call Now 01257 425917

Redgold Hydraulics for hydraulic ram components and Hydraulic ram Repairs

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